HK-2030 All-in-one polyester dyeing auxiliaries


In polyester dispersing dyes dyeing , in order to obtain the dyeing reproducibility, main should be controlled in bath PH value,impurity, water hardness, metal ions,levelness, so must be quantitative adding acid, squestering agent, dispersing agent,leveling agent.In general, the dyeing bath PH value shall be maintained in  4.5- 5.5 .

   HK-2030 is a all-in-one polyester dyeing auxiliaries,

realized purpose of PH buffer , squester ,dispersion

and leveling, reduce the oligomer . Dyeing auxiliaries decreases to one,dosing less, convenient operation and avoid mistakes .Has greater retarding and migration performance.


Properties :

    Appearance: Light yellow liquid

    Compounds:  As polycarbonate and special additives


    PH :        2 ± 0.5( 1% aqueous solution )

    Density:    1.06



1. Control dye bath PH 4.5 -5.5, the dosage of the

   product:0.5 -1 g/l.Overcome the PH instability

   phenomena caused by acetic acid volatile, and PH

   stability is necessary for polyester dyeing color


2. The product of calcium, magnesium, iron, copper

   ion chelation, and the metal ions contained in the

   dyes had no effect.

3. Good dispersion effect in the dyeing bath, high

   temperature resistant, in 130 -140 ℃ still has  

   good dispersion effect, and the general agent in

   the heat dispersion effect will be lost.

    4. Containing oligomers remover, it can reduce the

 oligomer exhalation, reduce white powder and the

 dyeing defects of oligomer.

5. Good leveling  effect, for difficult to dye color

       has good dispersion and retarding, obviously

       reduce the color of unlevel.

6. Easy to dilute, less foam,easy to use.

    7. Has stronger retarding and migration performance.


    Usage :

    Recommended usage: 0.5 -1g/l

 Dosage be adjusted according to the different

 dyeing conditions.


Package :125 kg / 50 kg plastic drum. 

Notes : When contact with the product, with

    goggles and gloves.If accidentally splashed

    into the eyes or skin,rinse immediately with

    plenty of water.