HK-2009Excellent polyester dyeing auxiliary

( The second generation alkaline dyeing forpolyester agent )


HK-2009, the second generation is a kind of special auxiliaries for polyester alkaline dyeing, using the additives, any conventional disperse dyes can be used in alkaline dyeing bath. Polyester and blended fabric in alkali bath dyeing process can reduce the comprehensive cost of dyeing, the alkaline buffer dyeing system and strong dispersion have special leveling ability,so it can avoid the traditional acid dyeing often appear oligomer contamination caused by specking, color points, unleveling and other ills.Compared with the conventional acid after alkaline dyeing of polyester fabric color is pure, soft and smooth.


Appearance: Yellow to light brown transparent liquid

Component: Polymer

Ionic:     Anionic/non-ionic

PH: 9.5±0.5 (1% solution)

Solubility: any dilution ratio. 


1.The second generation of special additives for polyester alkaline dyeing, any conventional dispersing dyesis applicable, To overcome the first generation product to selectdyes

  requirementsmore stringent, dyes applicability is wider.

2.This product can stability to keep the entire dyeing bath PH around 9 (PH meter testing), effectively prevent and remove the polyester oligomer of dyeing process, prevent and removal rate can reach more than 90%, avoid polyester oligomer to cause white powder, specking and color dot phenomenon.

3.This product have dispersing and leveling effect, can be overcome speckingdefects caused by poorpretreatment , etc . T/C, T/R after the pretreatment no need pickling process, more suitable for pretreatment and dyeing method of one bath one step.

4.Usingthis product in alkaline dyeing, fabric after dyedcolorsbright than traditional acid conditions, better dispersion and levelness , dyeing bath PH stability, no affected by dyeing water rate, lab dip high success rate,good color reproducibility.

5.Polyester alkaline dyeing, can effectively shorten the dyeing times and reduce dyeing after cleaning, decrease times of equipment cleaning and improve equipment efficiency, and save water, electricity, steam.

6.Polyester alkaline dyeing , can save washing before and after dyeing process.Polyester/cotton blended knitted fabric using  alkaline dyeing process can further omit cotton bleaching process, save water, electricity, steam and agent .

7.Using alkaline dyeing process do not need to add anti-crease agent to the bathcan also avoid fabric abrasion, and alkaline dyeing than acidic dyeing the fabric feeling soft, smooth, easy washing clean , save water.

Reference method:(please according to the different fabric varieties, different requirements, using after test) 

1. Pure polyester fabric dyeing 

HK-2009:1.5- 2 g/l

Dispersing dyes: X % (O.W.F.)

After dyeing with 90hot water washing or mild reduction clearing, cold water wash again.

2. Pure polyester fiber dyeing ,fiber spinnability obvious good traditional process

HK-2009:1.5 -2 g/l

Disperse dye: X % (O.W.F.)

After dyeing with 90hot water washing or mild reduction clearing, cold water wash again.

3. Polyester/cotton blended knitted fabric light and middle color bleaching and dyeingin same bath.  (save cotton bleaching process)

 HK-2009:        1.5-2 g/l

Hydrogen peroxide: 4 - 6 g/l

 Add into H2O2 running 5 minutes and dosing dispersing dyes

Dispersing dyes: X % (O.W.F.)

After dyeing with 90hot water washing or mild reduction clearing, cold water wash again.

4, Polyester/cotton blended knitted fabricdark colorscouring and dyeing bath 

HK-2009:    1.5-2 g/l

Disperse dye: X % (O.W.F.)

Reactive dyes to dye cotton usesanti-staining soaping  2-3 g/l , to remove the floating color

Polyester/cotton blended knitted fabric reference process:( Please according to the different fabric varieties, different requirements,  using after test)

Lab process :



General dispersing dyes in the dyeing house for PH value in 8 or above is more adaptive, specific please consult my company technical personnel, this product containing dyes protectant, therefore dyeing house generally do not need to change the dyes, can be directly used, but because of the dyeing house more uncertain factors, in order to ensure production run smoothly, please test before using.


Sealed store in a cool and dry place, sealed storage period is 6 months under normal temperature.

Package:  125 kgplastic drum.

Note: This product belongs to the environmental protection product, non-toxic non-corrosive, but do not swallow, reach the skin wash with water.No pollution, excluding APEO, easily biodegradable.